Posted by: motomaps | June 21, 2007

Hitting the Road…


Well… here I am.  Setting up to hit the road on my cross-country journey.  It’s hard to believe that only two weeks ago this trip wasn’t even a thought of mine.  You see, this hasn’t been a life-long dream of mine – nor is it a whim brought on by a mid-life crisis.  Infact, this trip wasn’t even my idea… it was Jen’s idea.  Yup, you heard me right — I think she got burned out from seeing me every day – 24/7 kind of thing.  We’re both very individual people and we happen to also both work out of the house.  I’m comfortable with that but Jen feels a little “closed in”…  Her original suggestion was that I leave until December!!  — What the Hell!? 


However,  I immediately sensed an opportunity to break free and take advantage of possibly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and asked: “how much will you PAY me to leave?”.  She mentioned a figure that sounded attractive to me and I then negotiated to leave for half that time for half the amount that she offered.  A deal was struck.  See ya in 90 days!!



  1. Lookin’ fit and trim in the pic… You seem to be packed pretty light too.

    Is that a folding camp chair I see on the back…? Wimp.

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